Basic principles

Natural Resources

We use the natural resources in our surrounding. We care for  our own forest and gardens. The farm animals provide us with compost to enrich the soil. We collect the rainwater for our vegetables and animals.


With projects like solar cooking or the use of bamboo and wood from our own forest we utilize the energy in an efficient way. A part of that philosophy is to seperate and recycle the waste.


An important part of healthy living is the alimentation. With a lot of own products of  herbal and vegetable garden we enrich the vegetarian kitchen. Also we support the body, mind and spirit relation with yoga, Tai Chi or others.

Culture and Education

We have different culture exchange programs.   Volunteers from all over the world come here to live new experiences, learn the language,... and there come people from the near villages to visit. All together are learning about agroecology and enjoy also to exchange  individual skills like music or art.