Food & Lodging

Food: we are specialized in cooking vegetarian and typical Costa Rican foods. During one day, our guests enjoy three fresh, locally grown meals, often organic and prepared on a wood stove. We regularly serve coffee, snacks and fruit drinks throughout the day. We eat meals together in a community atmosphere.


Accommodations: Our rustic guest houses and dormitories are equipped with beds, linens, toilets and hot showers. They can provide accommodations for up to 40 guests at any given time.


Security: we can still walk freely around the farm and its surroundings without any fear of being assaulted or worrying about our belongings.


Internet service: There is Wi-Fi at the main community house.


Laundry Service: The finca has laundry facilities available for guests and we can provide laundry services upon request.


Healthy environment: The farm provides an ideal environment to relax, rejuvenate, volunteer, live and study. It is free of smog, noise and stress commonly generated by cities.


Drug and alcohol free: At Finca La Flor, we maintain an environment free of alcohol and drugs.