The people


Brigitte is the founder and general director of the farm. She is involved in and knowledgable about all parts of the community. "Bri" has a background in social work, having lived in Cuba and Guatemala to represent people in need during violent times. She came to Costa Rica searching for peace and found the beautiful plot of land which she developed into the community now known as Finca Agroecologica La Flor. When Bri bought the land, it was mostly cow pasture. Passionate about having a positive impact on the environment, she reforested 20 acres and has maintained trails for everyone to enjoy. The remainder of the property has been dedicated to forming a community with a local focus. Her vision has steered the community to practice organic agriculture, use medicinal plants before going to the doctor, and maintain a diverse ecosystem for the benefit of all residents and visitors.


Lara loves nature, movement and living in community. She is Contemporary, Contact- Impro and Taekwondo teacher in our beautiful arts center. Lara is also very interested in somatic education and facilitates grupal sessions of Feldenkrais® (ATM -  ("Awareness Through Movement") for our volunteers and guests. 


Nati enjoys creating local and international dishes for the community and guests. She facilitates dance and movement classes, workshops and special events in our beautiful arts center. Apart from her dance background she is also a professional photographer and teaches English, Spanish, and French.


Jeff is focused on bringing permaculture principles to our community. He spends time maintaining the gardens, organizing volunteers, and integrating sustainability into the farm. He is a Professional Engineer with emphasis in renewable energy, mechanical and electrical systems.


Steven strives to find an optimal way to relate with nature from a balanced state of mind and body. He is a certified Yoga instructor (500h RYT) who guides dynamic classes focused on alignment and breath-work. He is our primary contact for guests and volunteers. Steven also maintains our forests and the medicinal garden.



Roxana has an infectiously happy attitude and prepares healthy, vegetarian meals. She keeps our shared kitchen clean and welcoming.


Humberto is the man who created the forest on the Finca ground. He made trails so people can enjoy the thriving environment.



Martha is our spanish teacher with many years of experiences. She teaches in a lively manner and introduces the students to the daily life and the culture of Costa Rica. One of the farm's most charming employees.