The people


Brigitte is the founder and general director of the farm. She is responsible for coordinating all volunteer work on the farm. She is involved in and knowledgable about all parts of the program at Finca La Flor.


Carlos is responsible for the well-being of all our farm animals.

He is guiding the volunteers with a lot of heart in many of the daily tasks.

He also does the maintenance work- He keeps the farm afloat!



Roxana works during the day to prepare healthy, vegetarian meals while also interacting with volunteers and staff to help maintain the farm clean and welcoming.


Humberto is the man who created the forest on the Finca ground. His passion leads him to protect the soil, to enhance the biodiversity and to sensitize the visitors for the network which is being created. He has prepared trails, so people can enjoy the wood and the botanical garden.



Martha is our spanish teacher with a lot of experiences. She teaches in a very lively manner and introduces the students to the daily life and the culture of Costa Rica.


Wendy & Raphael

Raphael and Wendy are two young people who are helping everywhere where help is needed. Singing, dancing and every time with a smiling they work in every part of the Finca.


Eberhard produces a lot of vegetables for our vegetarian kitchen. He is responsible for the vegetable cultivation. He loves to treat us with great spicy meals. He is a specialist in Costa Rican orchids and organizes specialised trips for the friends of orchids.